Your training with lots of improv, workshops & inspiring people

MasterClass in September 2018
with Rama Nicholas and Danielle Orrantia

intensive & personal coaching

beach & sun

inspiring courses & trainers

In the MasterClass, advanced improvisers and stage professionals are in the right place: we delve deeply into the respective topics. An individual course concept tailored to the participants will be realized on site. The 12 participants receive a particularly intensive coaching. In about 33 workshop hours with two inspiring trainers, you can discover new sides of yourself and unleash more skills. The siesta in the afternoon offers time for reflection, the beach, a trip to picturesque towns or for discussions with the other participants and coaches.

  • schedule

    one week full of personal training
    up to 33 hours workshop time with two professional trainers (complete schedule)
  • date

    September 1st - 8th 2018
    courses 6 days from 10.00 - 13.00 h and from 17.00 - 19.30 h
  • location

    a wonderfull hotel exclusively for our improv group
  • accomodation

    flexible room categories
    triple-, double or single bedroom (849 / 999 / 1.249 Euros with early bird discount)
  • charge

    starting at 849 Euros (with early bird discount)
    incl. 6 days of workshops, breakfast and dinner buffets, events, airport transfer (Saturdays at fixed times) & lots of fun
  • confimation

    training certificate
    Each attendee will get a certificate for an advanced training (leading a team, presentation, presentational skills, social competence etc.) e.g. as verification for your employer.
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Trainers und Team

  • Rama Nicholas

    Rama Nicholas is an actor, comedian, improviser, writer and director. She is known for her critically acclaimed, multi character solo shows, which are a unique blend of character comedy and incredible storytelling.
    In 2014, she became the recipient of the Melbourne ‘Moosehead’ award for comedy and has been nominated twice for the coveted ‘Golden Gibbo’ award for independent comedy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2014 and 2017.
    As a performer Rama’s strengths lay in her ability to play a vast range of characters and to transform and immerse herself in her characters world. Her depth of range and adaptability as an actor and comedian is inspirational. This strength not only shines through in her expert use of physicality, accent and emotionality, but also through her profound understanding of story and her ability to play any style, from Comedic through to the more dramatic and naturalistic.

    Recent theatre credits include her 4 highly acclaimed one-woman shows. ‘The Lucky Ones’ a romantic, erotic adventure. Nominated for the ‘Golden Gibbo’ award at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017. Nominated for ‘Best Comedy at Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017. Winner 2017 ‘Queensland Tour Ready Award’.
    Residing in Melbourne, Rama was a member of Impro Melbourne’s ensemble cast for 13 years in which she performed, produced and directed. Rama is an ensemble member of the acclaimed ‘Orcas Island Project’, 15 improvisers from around the world come together every year to create and perform cutting edge improvised theatre. She is the creator of 3 critically acclaimed improvisation formats – ‘Close to you’, ‘The Wishing Tree’ and ‘Gypsyprov’ which have been showcased in many countries. Rama also travels the world performing, directing and teaching improvisation at festivals and with various international theatre companies. Her philosophy as a teacher is to always be curious and creative when it comes to Impro. To always be treating Impro like it is an art form and explore all aspects of the craft, from comedy to truth, to truly inspire our fellow improvisers and audiences alike.

    Rama has a strong commitment to her craft her goal is to inspire, challenge and entertain her audience. Rama’s curiosity and creativeness leads her to pushing the boundaries, to create new and interesting work as an actor, improviser, comedian, storyteller and teacher.

    Rama in facebook

  • Danielle Orantia

    My practice pushes the boundaries between improvisation and physical theatre, bringing elements of clowning, mime, comics and painting as tools for expression and storytelling. I have been designing workshops and directing shows for different groups and festivals around the world.

    Additionally I have run design workshops for schools with young children and teenagers from different countries and backgrounds. As a performer, I have toured the world with Speechless an improvised show without words. I am constantly creating collaboration projects with various groups and individuals looking for new, original ways of performing.

    I founded and currently run a company called PICNIC, specialised in creating devised work, collaborating with different artists who bring inspiration from specialist areas. With this group I run an international Improv theater festival called the MONKEY FEST which has brought world known improvisers to Colombia during the last 7 years.

    Danielle in facebook

  • Ralf Schmitt (Team)

    Ralf Schmitt guarantees for an event full of esprit due to his long experience as a host, a speaker and a trainer. With an audience from 10 up to 15.000 people.

    Presentation: Ralf has been a host to executive conferences, mega events, international fairs and much more - lots of well-known companies employed Ralf for their event and he enthused both attendees and organizers with his gripping way of presenting.
    Author/speaker: Ralf Schmitt wrote "Ich bin total spontan, wenn man mir rechtzeitig Bescheid gibt!" and „Ich bin total beliebt, es weiß nur keiner". Ralf developed an interaktive speech to both books. He is member of the German Speakers Association.
    Training / Improvisationt theater: On stage, Ralf feels like home. With more than 2500 successfull shows in the context of business Gala-Shows or stage events, he is a professional improv-comedian and offers high quality workshops and trainings.

  • Michaela Dudek (team)

    On her way to inspiration Michaela played musicals and classic theatre, she offered trainings and management skills. On her journeys through the whole world she lost her drivers licence for three times. Her mantra is "My heart is leaking: It is spreading love."


  • Close to You (days 1, 2, 5 and 6)

    Rama Nicholas

    This workshop is very close to my heart and has been taught with great acclaim from participants and festival organizers here in Australia, London, Amsterdam, Toronto, Wurzburg, Berlin, Gothenburg and Rome.

    The overall themes of the workshop are - Romantic love, sex and intimacy in relationships and how can we apply these concepts to our improvisation without wimping out, freaking out or freaking your partner out!
    How do we give our audience the gift of a truly romantic love scene/story whether it be hilarious or serious.
    How do we electrify them with our performers sexual energy without being explicit!!
    How do we break their hearts like Shakespeare did in Romeo and Juliet?
    How can we create that kind of intensity in our impro?
    Why don’t we ever hear honest conversations around sex in our scenes?
    We see it all the time in film, theatre and in music, why not impro!

    My idea is to create a relaxed and safe environment were performers can explore these concepts in scene work. I created this workshop because I felt like there was a need for the exploration of this work after seeing so many scenes wimped out on when it came to performer commitment to love scene.

    The workshop is designed to help improvisers explore their fears around intimacy on stage, practice their acting skills when it comes to love scene’s, build trust and break down barriers with an ensemble and impro partners. I ask improvisers to share their fears around performing intimate scenes. I challenge them to separate themselves from their character to be able to fulfil their characters journey. I always assure improvisers; I never push people into anything they are not ready for. After some discussion around the idea of love, sex and intimacy (we also discuss how to stage kiss) we go through a series of heart-warming exercises designed to build trust, playfulness and intensity in energy. Then we run through a series of scenes based around relationships - from love at first sight, taking someone home, kissing scenes (this is as far as physical intimacy goes in the workshop!) confessions of love, husband/wife or life partners, to elderly love, dealing with losing love, breakups, cheating, rejected in love and forgiveness in relationships.

    Performing love scenes is a skill like any other that can be learned, it just takes trust, bravery, honesty, a willingness to be vulnerable and a willingness to take risks that perhaps you have never taken before.

  • Come together (day 3 and 4)

    Danielle Orantia
    Supporting and challenging your scene partners enriches both the way you play and the audience experience. In order to do this, you need to take care, inspire, surprise and sometimes push, poke, provoke and even compete with your scene partners in exciting ways.

    This workshop explores ways to engage with others with the aim of building together in a playful and caring way and ultimately giving everyone a chance for fulfilling improvised moments.

Workshop and admission requirement

The Impro-Hotel MasterClass is for every professional in improv theatre: We emphasize intensive workshops respectively special interests for advanced actors. An individual and fitting concept to each and every participant  will be realized on Majorca. The participants will be supported by and intensive coaching.

For a consistent and high level of the courses, there must be an application for the MasterClass. The application will be checked by the trainers, who will contact the applicant within 7 days. (If accepted by the trainers the booking is binding.) The following criteria are crucial for the decision:

  • Minimum experience in improv-theatre for 5 years
  • Workshops with at least 5 different trainers
  • At least 50 improv-performances on stage
  • Experience in at least 4 kinds of different acting-styles

If you have any further questions please contact


day of arrival

from 10.00 h Bus-shuttle Airport Palma (schedule 10, 13, 15, 18 and 20.00 h)
from 11.00 h Check-in Hotel Casa de la Vida (extending your stay is possible - please contact us)
from 13.00 h Moving into your room is possible
20.00 h Dinner buffet
21.00 h Meet & greet with your trainers


08.30 - 10.00 h Breakfast buffet
10.00 - 13.00 h Morning workshop block
12.30 - 17.00 h Leisure time: siesta / beach / relax
17.00 - 19.30 h Afternoon workshop block
20.00 - 21.30 h Dinner buffet
from 22.00 h Evening program (collective shows, parties, excursions, dancing, music band etc.)

day of departure
08.00 h Breakfast buffet
starting at 06.00 h Shuttles to Airport Palma
(we recommend flight departure times later than 10.00 h)

feedback from participant

"I didn't even wanted to go away after a fantastic week." Steven H.

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